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My thoughts on Google Analytics

2007-05-03 09:14:32

First off, let me explain what Google Analytics is for those who don't know. Google Analytics is basically a web stats/tracking "program" for your website that generates a bunch of different reports.

It tracks useful info such as how many visitors are visiting your site, where they're being referred from and the other usual webstats info. The thing that sets Google Analytics apart from all of the other frre webstats programs is probably all of the different reports it generates. One of my favorite is the Geo Map Overlay:

This pinpoints on a world map the approximate location of your sites last 500 visitors. Another useful feature is all of the goal tracking it does. It will tell you how well your advertisements are doing such as the click-throughs, impressions and so on if you set it up that way. It is also very focused on the Google Adsense. I have yet to sign up for Google's Adsense just because of the horror stories attached to it but when I finally bite the bullet, I will love to see the statistics that Google Analytics reports on it.

One of the not so major drawbacks of Google Analytics is probably the fact that it doesn't report statistics on individual IP addresses. It's more focused on the picture as a whole rather than certain individuals. Which I guess when you're as big as Google, that's what really matters.


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  • Evan

    2007-05-03 15:19:30

    There is, apparently, some special coding that you can use to allow for individual tracking. I never knew until I installed a Google Analytics extension for Drupal, which automatically gives you the ability to have Analytics track usage for each logged in member by using their username.

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My thoughts on Google Analytics

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